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indian restaurants in Dunfermline

Tuk-Tuk is all set to go, let's join the ride across India

India is a colossal country with diverse eating habits and each corner of India is filled with excitement and can you guess that one word that in itself reveals the unbound enthusiasm of India? Yes it is none other than Dhoom, so let’s machao some Dhoom.

As you step into Dhoom get inside the Tuk-Tuk placed there for you and take a ride across Indian streets to Eat-drink-Indian and get familiar with the joyous mood of India, when we dip ourselves in the colors and roll our feet on the beats of Dhoom.

India Ki Galiyon Se, those random streets

Here we invite you to have some fun with us, relish the taste of Samosa and enjoy some Bhangra on our Punjabi music, we will take you to those streets of Purani Dilli and you’ll love having those Paratha’s with dollops of butter over it, those banks of Ganges in Varanasi where you’ll enjoy having Puri Bhaji, even to the Mayanagari-Mumbai, where you will enjoy Fish fries and lip-smacking Bhel, let’s experience the etiquettes of Lucknow and enjoy Sheekh Kebabs in the city of Nawabs.

indian restaurants in Dunfermline
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Himalayan Monk's Tipsy Song

My Gourmet souls that are not all, we have a lot here to tranquilize you on the beats of Dhoom with different cocktails, let’s trek to great heights of The Great Himalayas and sip-in Old monk dark rum to kill the severe cold climatic conditions in the hills, get the Hippie inside you at work and take steps toward Goa and try some Feni accompanied with sea-side Prawns as the place offers you with this unique drink prepared with cashew nuts.

Since 1853 - Now in Dunfermline Indian Thali will thrive...

We even have Indian Railway Thali for you here in Europe as Ode to British Empire that started railways in India. Like, right from Kashmir (topmost end of India) to kanyakumari (bottom end of India) this Special Thali circulates, now similarly the same Thali will be delivered all around Dunfermline from door to door which will surely make you fall in love with India as everyone falls for this little Peninsula in the laps of Asia. So let’s celebrate these various food hues of India, so don’t miss to visit Dhoom-Indian Streetery and cocktail bar and eat-drink-Indian under one roof.

indian restaurants in Dunfermline