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Indian Railway Thali

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The classical Indian Thali that was floating from East-West-North-South of the nation since ages and continues is now available in Dunfermline . Get the authentic foodie vibes from India let it be Banaras Railway Station, Purani Dilli Railway Station or Bombay Central Railway Station – our Thali has the essence of that all………..

Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia and the world’s second largest and almost 25 Million passengers commute daily through railways in the subcontinent. The first train on Indian soil ran between Bombay and Thane on the 16th of April 1853. As railways have such a significant role in the lives of people in the country, so catering department of Indian railways came up with the concept of Indian Railway Thali, this is an interesting mix of Tapas style food items in a meal box that consist proper breakfast/lunch/dinner meal to satiate the foodie habits of travelers, the box consists of three course meal for a person from starters to main course and desserts.

People in India usually travel together, or if they are traveling for work they make good acquaintance during journey, so while eating food, they share the Thali items, and the substance in Thali is enough to fill your hungry tummy. We have tried to capture same essence of Railway Thali which has assortment of different Indian food packed in one meal ready for the people of Dunfermline, brought to you by Dhoom.

The Thali consists of individual dishes in individual boxes comes in a nice box ready to be collected from Dhoom restaurant during all days(except Tuesday) at the restaurant timings.

Sample Menu

The Thali will consist of following dishes fulfilling one-person meal (3 Curry (1 veg, 2 non-veg), 2 veg starters, 2 non-veg starters, 2 dips and 1 dessert) at £19.50.

  • Mango Fish Curry
  • Rajasthani Goat
  • Lamb from Southern Ghat
  • Dal Panchratni
  • Masala Rice
  • Chapatti
  • Manglorian Chicken Keema
  • Hippie Roll
  • Crispy Cassava Tikki
  • Mix Berry Sauce
  • Mint Chutney
  • Dessert

For our non-meat lovers and for special dietary requirements the dishes can be replaced as per your choice or make your own thali with your choices of dishes. Our Chefs will keep on doing exciting changes in the menu on a weekly basis to keep the Railway Thali an exciting option for you every time.

To order simply place your order via our restaurant number at 01383223340 or via our social media platforms.

On acknowledgement of the order Railway Thali would be ready for collection at Dhoom in approximately 20-30 mins (which might vary during busy times)

Come join the Indian Railway tasty ride in your favorite venue in Dunfermline Dhoom.