DHOOM Dabba (Tiffin) Menu £20.95 per tiffin

Please inform the waiting staff about your dietary preferences and requirements while ordering.
This Dabba Experience Menu takes up to 45 mins to be complete, experienced, and enjoyed thoroughly.
The last order for the Dabbas is at 4.00 P.M and the table is booked for a 1 hour slot.

Monday – Sunday ( 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm)


Kala Channa Tikki (VG)(GF)(DF)(NF)

Famous Mumba Devi temple chana prasad offering style tikki from the Kalbadevi


Chickpea Kotlet (VG)(GF)(DF)(NF)

Famous Parsi chickpea cutlets from the Old Parsi Colony

Chicken 65 Chaat (GF)(DF)(NF)

A chaat made from boneless chicken marinated with ginger garlic paste, garam masala and tossed with hot chili garlic sauce from Chennai

Dhoom Special Dabba(Tiffin)
(Veg / Vegan / Fish / Chicken) (GF)(DF)(NF)

Please choose your Dabba of your liking and get a surprise home-style curry from our chefs. Dabba is served with a portion of Rice and Indian Bread.


Bombay style traditional coconut and jaggery laddus served with special mixed berry sauce.