About Chef Prasad

Meet the visionary behind Dhoom’s culinary magic, Chef Prasad. With a passion for exploring the intricacies of Indian cuisine, Chef Prasad is not just a chef; he’s an ardent food explorer. His relentless pursuit of authentic flavors has taken him on epic journeys to the bustling streets of Mumbai, where he immerses himself in the local food scene to unearth hidden gems and traditional recipes.

Chef Prasad’s approach to crafting Dhoom’s menus is nothing short of extraordinary. Before introducing any dish, he embarks on a ‘reiki,’ a culinary pilgrimage to the heart of each dish’s origin. This involves not only thorough research but also physically traveling to the destination, ensuring every element, spice, and technique is authentically captured.

Explore Mumbai’s Culinary Essence with Chef Prasad

Drawing inspiration from Mumbai’s vibrant street food culture, Chef Prasad translates his discoveries into a tantalizing array of flavors, textures, and aromas that grace our menus. His commitment to excellence, combined with his deep respect for the culinary heritage of India, results in a dining experience that’s not just a meal but a journey of the senses.

When you indulge in Dhoom’s Mumbai Taster Menu, you’re savoring the culmination of Chef Prasad’s relentless pursuit of perfection, passion for authenticity, and dedication to creating an unforgettable culinary voyage. Join us and experience the artistry of Chef Prasad as he brings Mumbai’s vibrant food culture to your plate, one delectable dish at a time.